Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My Heart Thinks Of You

I see you approach me from far down the hall,
Leaving eye communication in form of the word " hello",
we pass each other desire meets,
I restrain myself from looking into your bright overcoming eyes,

I think you must feel the same,
As I wonder what's he thinking,
I count the petals on my flower and dream of you and me together,
Then I find it endless,
Or drowning as My Heart Thinks of You.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quote 4

Like That of A bird learning to fly
I am learning, I am guided, and nurtured.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Quote III

Blossom forth like a rose,
Yet Blossom like a metaphor forming,
Blossom forth like the beauty you are.
written by Feon Davis

Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Hand In My Hand

Your Hand In My Hand

Your hand in my hand
As we walk on the shorelines
I smile as I look toward you shores of waves clash
we are swept together as one
Two as one not two apart from love
We look at the sunset just over the horizon
Winds remain dormant to the clashing of the ocean floor
Just as our ocean floor clash,
so does our love clash surrounding the heart and soul.

©2014-2021 Feon Davis

Life Around Us

Life Around Us

With every season,
With every breath,
I Am regenerated

With every kindness,
With every smile,
I Am touched

  With every meal,
With every look,
I Am loved.
written by Feon Davis

Over Flow My Heart

                           Over Flow My Heart

My heart,
My love,
No comparsion,
Emotions swirling like a tornado,
So much force,
Released it can be hurtful,
Not to feel emotions is not able to sense,
Not to ever love again.


Happiness is flowers and candy
Happiness can be friendship smiles
Happiness can also make someone's day
Happiness to me is sharing my heart and loving all that need it
Happiness is harmony someone shares a chat with
Happiness can also be hugs too.

Before Me

Before Me
His hair of a black stallion's mane,
The eyes unresistable to the nake eye,
His presence puts me in heat and starts my heart beating,
His touch on my check makes me quiver and shiver,
His lips are of a pink rose,
A kiss that is unforgetable,
His look he gives makes me feel special,
And his accent melts me inside,
His gentleness leaves me floating high,
Many of times I feel useless without him,
Will I ever know his he feels?
He doesn't express how he feels in a tender way,
I picture us together,
Half of me don't know, if he will care,
Even if he does say with emotion,
So the only answer is to go on for the future,
I know there will be true life filled with love in stored for me.


Moon so full tonight
Stars so bright
Song just right

Breeze always at night
He moves slightly to the right
Gently he dims the bright light
Suddenly I feel his sensation cross my face
Then his lips touches mine
Hesitated, we kiss once then twice
For a moment I feel loved.

Dear Whom It May Concern

Dear Whom It May Concern

From My heart I give,
From my tears I beg you,
From my mouth I say to you,
From my actions I show you,
From my face I express upon you,
 From a broken heart I do deserve more,
From me to you I love you.

You Hold The Key To My Heart

You Hold The Key To My Heart

You created the very opening to both doors,
An opening that is invisible to my reach,
I feel as if invulnerable to thee,
I can see thy has left is upon thee not pathetically,
Perhaps in your arms its there?

Maybe, you can unlock the hold on me when you hold me
You prose the clue eye to eye,
You have the solution,
Your eternity closeness in my heart,
You mobile something next to my soul with your caressing touch,
You're possibly the closure I have been praying for.

Friday, March 12, 2010



Hearts being lifted,
Thrown away literally,
Feeling empty emotionally,
Bound to jump back quickly
enough given to thee,
make a commitment to me,
My heart is crying aimlessly,
For I needed you desperately,
come back to me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Like the Sun you Shine within my Heart.

©2010 written by Feon Davis